Kitty Lix Lip scrubs - Kitten Boss Cosmetics
Kitty Lix Lip scrubs - Kitten Boss Cosmetics
Kitty Lix Lip scrubs - Kitten Boss Cosmetics
Kitty Lix Lip scrubs - Kitten Boss Cosmetics
Kitty Lix Lip scrubs - Kitten Boss Cosmetics
Kitten Boss Cosmetics

Kitty Lix Lip scrubs

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 5 gram jars & 15 gram jars

Exfoliating and restoring moisture to your lips is SO important. Especially in the cold winter months and when applying your favorite lipstick. 

Using a lip scrub will allow the application of your lip product to go on easy, look smoother and even. 

It is also good for your lip health..especially with the natural oils and shea butter

These lip scrubs will have grapeseed oil, shea butter, coconut oil,pure granulated cane sugar & glycerin.  Followed by whichever flavor oil goes by the lip scrub you choose.  

**All are colorless except Vanilla has a slight brown color but this is natural from the coffee grounds and vanilla flavoring**

**Coconut oil used. Coconut allergy warning**


Basic Binx - Simply, vanilla

Vanilla Catppuccino - Vanilla flavor with small bits of coffee grounds for extra exfoliation 

Purrpurmint - Peppermint flavor. Refreshing and cooling, peppermint oil can also aid in naturally plumping the lips. 

Marshmallow meow - Sweet marshmallows for the candy and sweet lovers 

Kitty kisses- Honey flavored lipscrub with organic honey 



Customer Reviews

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favorite lip scrub ever!

Ahh!! Literally the best lip scrub ever! The marshmallow lip scrub is soo good. It smells like roasted marshmallows and vanilla: SO GOOD! And the actual lip scrub is amazing. The perfect proportion of sugar and oils that make this really great for lip prep. Overall, amazing product! 10/10 recommend!

delicious, leaves my lips so soft!

this tastes so yummy! it has a nice moisturizing formula not oily:greasy like most sugar lip scrubs, it really got rid of my gross dry skin on my lips which is very important to me because i have full lips & it looks awful when they are dried out! i use this before bed each night now like a little ritual, & my lips are completely changed!

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